Close Loop

Wind Tunnel

Compared to the Open Circuit Wind Tunnels, the Closed Circuit Tunnel has a few inherent advantages, although the price is significantly higher then the open loop wind tunnel.
More Efficient, in example, for a given size of test section, drive power, and the same fan design, the close loop wind tunnels would provide much higher mass flow (hence maximum test section velocity). Therefore, with a similar testing condition, the fan of the Closed Circuit Tunnels could run at a slower rate rotation and consumes less power.
Less Noise, due to the slower rotating fan and due to an inherent construction, Closed Circuit Tunnels generate less noise than the opponents.
Better Airflow Quality, to get a high quality low turbulent airflow, an open circuit tunnels needs to be placed on a relatively large room, sometimes consuming as much space as needed to fit a close circuit tunnels wit a comparable test section size.

Year        : 2012

Type       : Close Loop Wind Tunnel

User       : Universitas KFUPM

Country  : Saudi Arabia



Test Section : 0.8m x 0.8m

Speed          : 65 m/s (234 kpj)

Sensors       : 6 Component Balance