Survey Vehicle

We also build the Survey Vehicle, called Mata Garuda (Eagle Eye). This Mobile Station equipped with many sensor to make it possible to detect any slight changes in Road and Asset Condition.


Features :

•Equipped with High Speed Camera System  to capture the image of the Road

•Has at least 3 front view Camera System to capture the Road Asset and the surrounding condition

•Equipped with latest Laser Profiler Technology to get the Road Data, even can make a 3D profile of the Road.

•The Mobile also equipped with many other sensor including inertial sensor. Road Geometry captured as well.


With this kind of survey vehicle, The Preventive Road Maintenance Program can be done. Long term maintenance budget efficiency. 

Survey Vehicle Software

Parameter that can be viewed from Survey Vehicle are :

•Roughness Index

•Road Parameter, width etc


•Road Geometry

•Road Cracking

•Speed and Position

•Road Profile

•Picture of the surrounding area

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