Open Loop Wind Tunnel is the most simple form of the Wind Tunnel.


Simplicity is the key features of this tunnel type, making it the most affordable type.


Good Flow Quality  can be achieved with additional screen and good design of the contraction cone


Power Consumption, generally higher then the close type.


Application :




•Wind Energy

•Flow Visualization

Since 2000, UAVindo already built and install numerous University Wind Tunnel in Malaysia and Indonesia, including Data Acquisition and all the instrumentation needed for Aerospace Education.

2006 – Subsonic Tunnel Rehabilitation  2.3m x 1.75m, up to 50m/s, Fan and Power Optimization for LAPAN Facility in Rumpin, Bogor

2007 – Blowdown Type Transonic Tunnel Rehabilitation 0.4m x 0.4m, 0.8M – 1.2M.

2010 – Wind Tunnel, 2m of Test Section Diameter, for Wind Turbine Testing in Puslitbang KEBT, Kementrian ESDM

2011 – Wind Tunnel, 0.8m x 0.8m speed 65m/s for King Fahd University of Petroleum and Mineral

2014 - Military Skydiving Tunnel

Year         : 2014

Type         : Close Loop Vertical Wind Tunnel

User         : Kopassus TNI

Country    : Indonesia



Test Section   : 4.3 m of Diameter

Speed            : 65 m/s (234 kpj)

Purpose         : Military Skydiving Training

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